7 Move Checkmate – How To Checkmate in 7 Moves?

Having fun playing chess? Want to learn some cool tricks to play against your friends and family members? Here’s how to do 7 move checkmate and leave your opponent puzzled.

Before we move on to 7 move checkmate, hope you are already aware of quicker checkmates than that. If not, you may want to check out the fastest checkmate possible in two moves.

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I would like to give one strong suggestion here, which I give in all of the 2 move, 3 move, 4 move and 7 move checkmate tricks.

These quick checkmates are all to learn some new tricks, to try out for fun while you start learning coz these work only if opponent plays under moves. Which means only if opponent plays wrong moves, will you be able to do these checkmates. If opponent plays something different than mentioned in the steps below, you might also loose piece and worsen your position. These will not work on professional level as everyone is aware of it.

But in case, you want to try it out or just play for fun and show them the new trick you learnt, you can go ahead with it.

How To Win Chess In & Moves? – 7 Move Checkmate!

So you start off in a very common and decent way, but then you tempt your opponent by letting him kill your queen.

Yes, you heard it right this checkmate works by giving Queen sacrifice.

Let’s look at the moves. Also, I have shown these moves from whites perspective.

Move no. 1 Of Checkmate in 7 Moves

White’s move: White starts with Kings pawn to 2 squares.

i.e e4;

Black’s move: Black replies with kings pawn to 2 sauces.

i.e e5;

First Move

Move no. 2

White’s move: Next white player develops Knight to regular square f3.

i.e NF3;

Black’s move: Because the white knight is attacking, blacks pawn in the centre. Black has to defend it somehow.

Black plays Knight to defend the centre pawn.

i.e Nc6;

chess 7 moves 2
Second Move

Move no. 3

White’s move: Once both sides have played knights, the most common way to develop pieces is to get the Bishop out.

So, white proceeds and develops the Bishop.

i.e Bc4;

Black’s move: Again a very common reply by black to make space for other pieces and develop pawn towards centre, black plays the Queens pawn 1 step.

i.e. d6;

3rd Move
3rd Move

Move no. 4

White’s move: White gets the other Knight into the game as well, making a good strong movement towards the centre.

i.e Nc3;

Black’s move: Black sees an opportunity to pin white’s Knight and decides to do so.

i.e. Bg4;

Playing the bishops
Fourth Move

Move no 5.

The best part about this checkmate is till move no 5. it seems as if everything going very normal and casual. All the common moves are being played. White and Black both focusing on developing pieces.

White’s move: But this is where as white you can play an absurd move if you want to do the 7 move checkmate.

You will capture black’s centre pawn with your Knight, making it seem as if you did a blunder leaving the Queen open to get killed by Bishop.

i.e Ne5;

Warning: As I had mentioned earlier these checkmate tricks will only work if opponent plays what we want him to. Coz here, if black capture your Knight with his Knight then you loose a piece straight away as you cannot capture Bishop with Queen either as it is protected by Knight. ( Ne5 )

Black’s move: But if Black sees an opportunity to kill the Queen and falls for our trap then it’s an unavoidable checkmate.

Black would think that you have done blunder and has captured your Queen and hence winning, but will be surprised by what follows.

i.e Bd1 (blacks move)

Queen Sacrifice Checkmate
5th Move

Move no 6.

White’s move: Once your queen is captured, you will capture pawn on f7 with your Bishop attacking blacks king.

i.e Bf7+ ;

Black’s move: Black has no option but to save King to e7 square as no other piece can come and defend the king, also cannot capture white bishop as it is protected by Knight.

i.e. Ke7;

6th Move
6th move

Move no 7.

White’s move: Here comes your 7th move or checkmate move, already white has attacked black king by giving check and displaced it from its original position,

Now with another Knight cheque you can simply checkmate the opponent.

i.e Nd5# ;

How to checkmate in 7 moves
7th Move

So this is how you can make your opponent fall for your trap by giving chance to capture Queen in just 7 moves.

Here’s all the moves collectively once again to make it easy for you.

White – Black

1.e4 – e5
2.Nf3 – Nc6
3.Bc4 – d6
4.Nc4 – Bg4
5.Ne5 – Bd1
6.Bf7+ – Ke7

Hope you liked this 7 move checkmate trick, now its time for you to try with your friends and share your experience in comments.

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