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Quick Checkmate – 7 Move Checkmate Queen Sacrifice

Hey Chess lovers, welcome to my site that is dedicated to Chess fans and Chess community. The aim is to grow build a strong Chess community online. In today’s post I’ll share wth you a quick checkmate trick also popularly known as Queen sacrifice checkmate in 7 moves. Isn’t it interesting that you can win a Chess game with this 7 move checkmate trick and that too by sacrificing your queen. There are several other checkmates like checkmate in Two, checkmate in Three, checkmate in 4 etc. But those are very obvious and can be spotted by any player.

However, this 7 move checkmate is achieved by sacrificing queen is quite tricky. Advanced Chess players definitely know about this quick checkmate in 7 moves trick. But a lot of newbies and beginners may fall for it. So let’s get started with the trick.

7 move checkmate - quick checkmate


Queen Sacrifice Checkmate in 7 Moves

We all know queen is the most important piece after king in chess. Then you must be wondering how a checkmate can be achieved in 7 moves without queen being a part of it. Hold on I’ll reveal the trick. But before the trick is revealed I would like to warn you about something.

Do not try this trick with an advanced Chess player. He/She can easily calculate the risk or He/She might already know about it. You can use this trick when playing against your friends and family members or in a fun match. This trick might work against a beginner player but you have to play it at your own risk.

In this trick you will be doing a checkmate  with the help of a bishop and 2 knights.You will tempt the opponent to take your queen and if opponent takes the queen then their is no way he can escape this checkmate in 7 moves. if you know the basic chess notations, here’s the exact moves that will lead to this queen sacrifice checkmate in 7 moves. And if you don’t understand the notations do not worry, as I have a video as well to help you understand better.

  1. White: e4         Black: e5
  2. White: Nf3       Black: Nc6
  3. White: Bc4       Black: d6
  4. White: Nc3       Black: Bg4
  5. White: Ne5      Black: Bd1
  6. White: Bf7+     Black : Ke7
  7. White: Nd5#

Here, a point to take note of is when the knight on f3 is pinned by Bishop we take a risk by capturing the e5 pawn with Knight and black is tempted to take the queen, if black takes the queen then I have showed you the mate. But if black takes Knight on e5 instead then you are a piece down. That is why I mentioned not to play against advanced players.

Now for the players who did not understand the above notations. Have a look at video and do subscribe if you like to be updated about more chess tricks and traps.

Quick Checkmate in 7 moves video