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How To Play Chess – Learn To Play Chess Online

by | Jan 8, 2017 | Chess Resources | 0 comments

If you are looking to learn How to Play Chess then you are at the right spot. No matter if you are complete beginner or someone who knows basics but wants to learn How To Play Chess better? Then this is your one stop solution to learn and play chess online.

I have covered several points from basics to advanced and in this complete How To Play Chess article, I will provide you with proper resources you need and the right ones at right time. So that you don’t get jumbled up and follow them one by one and move from a novice to an expert Chess Player.

How To Play Chess Online

How To Play Chess – First Things First!

If you are real beginner and just started or yet to start with chess, then I would recommend you to learn this things first!

Now if you know how to set up a chess board, then you are all good to go with understanding basic Chess Rules like:

These were some of the tricky and less known rules for beginners. You already know them? Wow, you congrats you can move one step further.

Play Chess Online

Now that you are done with really novice things and rules, it’s time you start thinking like a Chess Player. But it would be so not good to you, if I directly ask you to think and think on your own so to help you with that, here are some basic checkmate tricks just so you understand, how a checkmate is planned. Though these are really basic. But don’t worry I will take you through!


Things have started heating up! see how in the last checkmate tutorial you learnt about Queen sacrifice right at sixth move of the game. That is what Chess is all about, finding more and more possibilities. You learnt a bigger and difficult term of Chess like Sacrifice. At times you need to sacrifice smaller pieces or even bigger to get hold of the position. Getting hint of How To Play Chess? Wait this is just the beginning!

Chess Openings

Now if you can get real basics and think somewhat like a chess player then you are all set to grab the knowledge that already exists out there. Chess openings are a result of years long analysis from the games of world champions and grandmasters. These will help you start smooth and save your time in very beginning of the game. You can just follow these lines, however each line has thousands of variations, you can choose the one that suits you or use it to counter opponents moves when required. You don’t need to mug up all of them, after all it’s game of chess not some boring exam. All this will do is, give you wider analysis of several games and how a stable game should proceed. I’ll soon update you with some opening you can follow!

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