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En Passant Chess Rule – A Complete Guide


En Passant chess rule is very confusing, not a lot of chess players know about it. Even intermediate chess players miss out on this. This rule can be really helpful in crucial situations and most of the end games. In this post I’ll share in detail about en passant chess move, What it is? When you can do it? How to do it?

If you are not aware with chess notations and chess terms then it might get a bit confusing for you. And that is why I came up with this En Passant video tutorial for you. Check it out!

En Passant Video

I hope you liked the video. Just to mention about the important points of this rule, here’s a small list for you.

  1. For pawn to be eligible to do en passant, it should be in the 5th row from respective side, i.e for white pawn should be in rank no. 5 and for black pawn should be in rank no. 4
  2. Once the pawn has reached the 5th rank, opponent should play pawn from adjacent files (columns), directly two steps. This ¬†enpassant rule won’t work, if opponent first plays pawn by one step then the other step.
  3. Most important thing to remember, is this rule is possible and valid only and only for the immediate move.

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Now you can use this move on your opponent also you can now judge if the opponent has played this move correctly. If he does not abide by all rules before playing this move then it would be counted as an illegal move. This was all I had to share about this rule. Do subscribe to our youtube channel to know more chess tricks along with that you can also subscribe to mail letters, so that I can deliver you latest chess tricks and updates about new videos to your mail box.