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Chess King Moves – Most Important Piece Explained

by | Jan 8, 2017 | Chess Resources | 0 comments

King is the most important piece in the game of Chess. You must know how a Chess king moves and more details and rules regarding Chess King. In this post I’ll also break some myths regarding some rules related to king.

Chess King Moves

checkmate in 7 moves chess king

Well, King starts from the e-file in the very beginning of the game, i.e for white King starts on black square e1 and for black King starts on white square e8. If you have any confusion regarding position of King, then you can read this Chess Board Setup guide. Now once it starts on the first squares, it is advised to not play it unnecessarily. You always have to remember at all points that main aim is to protect your king and attack opponent’s and should be done with proper balance. Or, you might end up attacking too much and concentrate on your pieces that you loose the defence and get checkmated.

Chess King can move only one square at a time, so in short if it is not at corners or edges of board then it has 8 square nearby to choose from. At corners and edges the number of squares available decrease. Apart from that Chess King moves, it can move two square in a special case called Chess Castling.  This special move is helpful in keeping King safe. But this special move has certain rules and conditions which you can read in the linked post.

Breaking the Chess Myth

It is one of the biggest myths in chess that King cannot move unless under check, but if you read the castling rule you will understand there’s no such thing and it is free to move at any point of game.

Hope this tutorial helped you understand the most crucial and important piece of the game of chess. The site offers many more such tutorials and tips from beginner to advanced and yes, do not forget to checkout our Youtube Channel Chess Online You might find many useful tutorials like Chess Board SetupDo subscribe to youtube channel!