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3 Move Checkmate – Chess Checkmate in 3 Moves

In last post I discussed abut the fastest checkmate possible in Chess. In this post, I will share about 3 move checkmate trick in chess. After reading this post, you will understand how checkmate in 3 moves in chess is achieved. This post also breaks one misconception most people have regarding a basic chess rule. Let me first mention about that basic rule. Well, almost all chess players know about it but for those newbie friends who don’t know, many newbie chess players or old time players (who used to play chess long back but haven’t been in touch in recent times) think that King cannot move without check. But that is not true, King can move even in the beginning, in-fact any point of game and without check.

3 move checkmate


3 Move Checkmate in Chess

Let us get started with the guide on how to achieve checkmate in 3 moves in chess. In this game or the following 3 moves the black will move his king unnecessarily  and lead himself into checkmate. When white starts with king’s pawn e4, black responds e5. It is advised not to play queen in very beginning but for this mate we will be doing same, but this mate and playing queen will be possible only when black makes a big blunder by moving his king rather than developing any other piece.

When black plays king to e7 when there is no need White can achieve the 3 move checkmate by playing Qxe5. Let me show you the complete notations again neatly.

  1. e4 – e5
  2. Qh5 – Ke7
  3. Qxe5#

You might see how big a blunder it was to move King to e7 and if you haven’t understood the chess notations or want to see it more clearly, here’s a video tutorial for 3 move checkmate.

Checkmate in 3 Moves in Chess [Video]