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2 Move Checkmate – Fastest Checkmate in 2 Moves in Chess

Hey there, Chess lovers. Welcome to yet another guide to fastest checkmate in chess. In this guide I’ll explain about 2 move checkmate i.e how to achieve checkmate in 2 moves in chess? Well, I Know the heading might have shocked you and left you wondering how is it even possible? A checkmate in just 2 moves? So let me start with this guide on 2 move checkmate in chess. Before I start, there is one thing you must know that this is the fastest checkmate possible in chess. There is no checkmate possible which is faster than this.

2 move checkmate - checkmate in 2 moves

There is a belief that Chess games continue for hours and hours. But sometimes due to big blunders, a game can end instantly that is what is the beauty as well as complexity of Chess. The moves or the game I am going to show you in this post is an example of biggest blunder.

2 Move Checkmate in Chess

This kind of checkmates in chess are achieved only when opponent plays desired moves. This game shows white’s checkmate. Which is possible only if white plays the required moves. So let’s understand the moves. When white starts with a pawn in-front of bishop next to king i.e f4 and black responds with pawn in-front of king to e6. The first two moves are obvious and okay but then when white makes a blunder with pawn promotion on g4, white is left with no move to defend the checkmate on Qh4#. If you understand Chess notations, here’s the exact moves to achieve 2 move checkmate.

  1. f4 – e6
  2. g4 – Qh4#

Don’t worry if you haven’t understood the chess notations above or if you can’t imagine how the checkmate is happening. I have a video tutorial for that as well. Checkout the video.

Fastest Checkmate in 2 Moves Video

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